Astral Body™: 2023. Fashion redefined. Created by imma, the virtual being.

Imma isn't real. Not in our world.

But what is real anyways?

That question sparked her.

Is "real" limited to physical?

You meet someone. Is it real? You meet online. Still real?

What's the truth?

2018 - the year imma was born - everything felt unreal.

Humans loved imma’s illusion. Strange, right?

Yet, there was truth in the unreal.

imma saw it. Believed in it. So, we made Astral Body™.

Astral Body: The astral body, also known as the emotional body.

A mental entity separate from the physical body that manifests itself in dreams and hallucinatory experiences.

In faith and religion, it is considered part of the soul and is believed to cause paranormal phenomena.

Our Vision: "FREE UR SOUL".

Humans are bound in the physical world. Creativity sets us free.

In the virtual realm, we shatter these walls.

Astral Body™: Where humanity rediscovers its limitless essence.